Devalencia Gourmet Food

Paellas Artesanas Amparín

Devalencia Gourmet Food is a Valencian company dedicated to handcrafted food and is pleased to present the brand craft Paellas Artesanas Amparín (Artisans Paella Amparín), specializing in the preparation of high quality rice.

Paellas Artesanas Amparín (Artisans Paella Amparín) is a combination of traditional valencian cuisine and innovative technology that has led to the creation of an excellent product.

We have created an authentic and original full range of exquisite paellas which are prepared in the traditional valencian way and which enables you to enjoy these characteristic dishes that taste like they have come from one of the best restaurants in Valencia in only 18 minutes.

It is our hope and goal to take this unique and famous dish and bring it to your table.

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