2013, International Year of Paella

Intenational Year of PaellaBefore the end of the year we recall that 2013, lauch year of Paellas Amparín, was also the Intenational Year of Paella. An initiative that has emerged through social media to protect Paella as a gastronomic treasure.

A non-profit project opened to all citizens, companies, institutions and associations from Valencia which purpose is the defense and promotion of Paella with its cultural, gastronomic and product values as at the moment it is, unfortunately, one of dishes with more aberrant versions that exist in global cuisine, what provokes the indignation of many Valencian and Spanish people who know the true spirit of the paella recipe.

In the project 2013, International Year of Paella several actions are being carried. We highlight three of them:

Paella Decalogue and Embassadors

To create a critical mass to support the initiative both socially and intellectually, through the appointment of Ambasssadors of Paella worldwide. This requires accepting the Paella Decalogue.


The creation of www.wikipaella.org, and informative purpose digital platform where all knowledge about paella is gathered to explain what it is, it’s philosophy, tradition and ingredients involved. The importance of wikipaella resides in the popular tradition, historical documentation and in the areas of knowledge and data entered. This tool has documentary, educational and statistical value. It’s a source of scientific knowledge for obtaining information.

Listing respectful restaurateurs

Give value to the catering stablishments that are respectful with paella, making them visible through an identification. This cataloging is currently underway.

Devalencia Gourmet Food with the International Year of Paella

From Devalencia Gourmet Food we are in full agreement with this initiative thar we fully share. We must not to forget that our intention and mission as a company is also dignify and bring to the tables as genuine, healthy, natural and native products as the Valencian Paella is through our Paellas Amparín.