Devalencia Gourmet Food

Devalencia Gourmet Food

Devalencia Gourmet Food is a young company dedicated to handcrafted artisan valencian cuisine. It was born from a combination of experience and youth from its two founding partners.

Located in L’Horta de Valencia, an area of Valencia surrounded by rice fields and orange groves, with Mediterranean backdrop. As the birthplace of Paella we are experts in traditional typical dishes. It is in this unique setting that we develop our creations an offer you the fruits of our labour. In our products you will find the light, warmth and colour of the Mediterranean for your pleasure and enjoyment.

Devalencia Gourmet Food feels passionate about protecting a product such as ours. With this in mind we have launched craft Paellas Artesanas Amparín. The intention behind this being to protect the valencian paella and create an easy to prepare benchmark for valencian rice.

Tradition and Technology

Paellas Artesanas Amparín is the union of traditional valencian cuisine and innovative technology that has led us to achieve an excellent product.

Tradition is taste and flavour

Paellas Artesanas Amparín are cooked entirely according to the traditional valencian recipe, with the correct amount of cooking time for each ingredient. Using only local products which are 100 per cent natural and of top quality, with no preservatives, thickeners or flavour enhancers.

Technology is the security of preservation

Our careful method of sterilization and packaging of the broth, meat an vegetables with particular attention to the conservation of the cooked products means the products do not change or distort and you can enjoy them as if freshly prepared.

The sterilization technique is a result of collaboration with Food Design, company belonging to the Spin Off programme of the Department of Food Technology at the Valencian Polytechnic University. We combine a clear commitment to R&D and at the same time to traditional craftsmanship in the manufacturing process.

The result is an exquisite valencian paella created in the traditional valencian style and so easy to prepare that you can enjoy it at home in only 18 minutes – a characteristic dish that is prepared as though it has come from the best valencian restaurant.