Paellas Artesanas Amparín

Paellaas Artesanas Amparín.

Paellas Artesanas Amparín aims to accompany you in your quest for a rich, healthy and natural menu choice. The product is easy to prepare and we have preserved the natural freshness of  paella ingredientsmeat, shellfish and seafood, vegetables and broth in a sterilized sealed container.

It is presented in a container with a bag or tub of rice with D.O. (a brand of origin, by which the origin and breeding of the rice can be identified) and all the valencian ingredients required for the perfect paella portion. You simply put the contents of the tin into a paella pan or frying pan and when the liquid begin to boil add the rice. In just 18 minutes you will have created a magnificent and authentic valencian paella.

Valencian paella is a typical food from quintessential spanish cuisine. It is one of the hallmarks of valencian people and a worldwide famous dish that has sale been poorly immitated countless times. Devalencia Gourmet Food intends to change this and bring to the table an authentic healthy paella, as the valencian paella from Paellas Artesanas Amparín is.

We make our paella Amparín as if homemade, with love, the best natural and fresh ingredients, taking raw ingredients and giving the time they need for the best conservation. We cook valencian paella in the traditional way, the way it is done in its birthplace, Valencia.

With specially selected lean meat, shellfish and seafood of very first quality, fresh and tender vegetables, which are then canned and preserved for your use. We do not add preservatives,unnatural colouring or favouring. We cook it in the traditional way, and before adding the rice we can it for you. The final touch is yours; add the rice and enjoy!.

The result is an authentic paella with perfectly cooked ingredients. The valencian rice, either Senia or Albufera, with D.O. (a brand of origin, by which the origin and breeding of the rice can be identified) is cooked to perfection.

The paella that has the distinct taste of the valencian orchards.